Creative Consulting

creative consulting

For the experienced speaker, we’ll take your existing speeches to the next level by making them more interactive, performative, and memorable.

Create your own package by choosing any of the following options:

  • Concept Generation: We propose and develop framing devices and other thematic ways to present your content. E.g., we can turn a speech segment into a game show.
  • Humor: We invent visual and verbal jokes, and entertaining gimmicks.
  • Interactive elements: We involve your audience, providing adaptable solutions based on the tenor of the crowd.
  • Research: Depending on which phase of speech preparation you are in, we research and suggest case studies that could become performable during your presentation.
  • Scripting: We provide an outline or complete script of all of the above for you to reference.
  • Coaching: Meet with us to receive feedback and tips on delivery and performance.
  • Video Demos: We give our take on how specific moments could be conducted. 
  • Slide Creation: We liaise with your designer or supply our own to make sure your visuals match your new script.
  • Feedback capture: Notify our team of your presentation dates, and we’ll be on hand to capture what audience members are tweeting about your revamped speech!