Before we start talking how many tablespoons are in a cup we ought to point out that converting tbsps to cups is needed mostly for individuals residing in the USA and various other nations where the standard (or English) measurement system is currently in use. 

In the US and most regions,, you’ve to use tbsps, cups, ounces, quarts along with other components from this measurement system. Furthermore these components are common for older cookbooks even when they were published in Europe. 

How Many Tablespoons in a Cup

1 cup equals 16 tablespoons 

There are many definitions of the cup and the tablespoon accepted in different nations. In this article we will chat about US customary cups and US tbsps which are the most widely-spread units. So that you can keep in mind that 1 US customary cup equals to 16 US tbsps.  If you wish to discover how many members cups or tbsps are in some other measurement units, then the table below will assist you to locate the answers. 

Fluid Ounces1/28

The following table will assist you to convert cups, tbsps, ounces and US tsps into metric milliliters. 

One US TeaspoonAbout 5 ml
One US TablespoonAbout 15 ml
One US Fluid OunceAbout 30 ml
One US CupAbout 240 ml

Tablespoon — is still a really common unit of quantity measurement used in the USA, Australia and various other nations. The United States tablespoon equals to about 15 milliliters that are metric. The Australian version has about 20 milliliters. 

Cup is a widely-spread unit of quantity measurement which is used mostly in cooking recipes for measuring fluids and dry substances (sugar, flour, etc). It is quite common in many nations and there various kinds of this unit (US, imperial, metric, Japanese, etc). The United States cup is equivalent to about 240 milliliters that are metric.

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