This process is utilized to void a pay check which has already been printed or has already been assigned a check number. In addition, a reversing Journal Entry is created. A paycheck is typically voided before it’s 

Here are a Few Samples,How To A Void Check

How To A Void Check

Here are a few samples of when a salary will need to be canceled when it hasn’t been cashed:
The Paycheck amounts aren’t correct, and a brand new paycheck must be issued to the employee.
After changing the pay item then go to Calculate Payroll to recalculate the salaries with the item pay item.
Samples of when to void a paycheck: The paycheck was lost, destroyed or otherwise damaged enough that it can’t be cashed. A paycheck isn’t correct, the paycheck hasn’t been cashed, and a brand new corrected paycheck needs to be issued to the employee.
The normal pay cycle tasks are utilized to create a brand new paycheck for that employee.
A paycheck was prepared in error for an individual who had been not employed or working, the check wasn’t cashed, and a brand new paycheck isn’t needed. Paycheck Date Considerations: When voiding paychecks DATED IN THE CURRENT Federal and State reporting periods, the generated payroll reports may have the correct payroll and withholding totals to prepare reports to the Federal, State, along with other organizations. When voiding paychecks DATED IN PRIOR Federal and State reporting periods, might result in modified federal and State reports needing to be filed.

Payroll reports can also need to be reprinted for the desired periods


The reprinted reports will differ from the original reports by the amounts on the VOIDED paycheck. Cautions: If a paycheck is canceled by mistake, the normal payment tasks are utilized to recreate that paycheck. In Connect Now Accounting Payroll, click Payroll Process and select the payroll which has the check which needs to be voided. Go to Step Edit Paychecks to select the payroll check that should be Voided and click the Void button. Once you click the Void Check button a small popup will appear that asks you for a void date.

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