GoldJam Creative is a women-founded, -run, and -operated content production house that generates highly entertaining, comedic, and creative experiences that explore the intersection of new media, identity, and communication for modern audiences.  Through live performances, web content, and interactive workshops, we look at how new media is changing storytelling and the way we form identities, but through a comedic lens. 

Our content is real, potent, and wild in the way that it reflects our internet-obsessed culture back at itself and makes people think about what it means to communicate in today’s modern, tech-obsessed world. 

In this time we’re living in, when people rarely self-reflect or authentically connect, we want to re-humanize human interaction. We want to resocialize social media. We want people to question how they see themselves and the world by bringing into it something shocking, and unexpected, and hilarious that also makes people think about their own behavior. Through laughter and encouragement, our work overall gets you to think outside the box and connect with your deeper self, while having a hell of a rowdy time.

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