In this article, we have gathered few time management activities that will not only improve productivity but also keep your workers motivated.

As a leader, you understand that the best employees are happy and engaged, with a strong work life balance. They’re encouraged to show up to work and are effective in their own hours on the job.

Since you would like to cultivate this kind of efficient environment, you would like to help your employees manage their time and be productive.

Maybe your business is not quite there yet. You are not getting the maximum from your workers. Maybe it is because they’re worried or disengaged at work, anxious at home, feeling overwhelmed, do not know the values of the business, or just feel there are not enough hours in the day.

time management

In case your workers feel stressed at any time of the workday because of every part of their own lives, it’ll drastically affect their ability to work and your ability to make money.

However, it may be difficult to force time handling on someone. You cannot go up to them and say, schedule your life better! , You can only supply them with the tools to better regulate their lifestyle and their stress.

So we have come up with 7 time management activities which you can employ at your business to help boost productivity.

Time Management Activities For Workers In Retail Sector

We’ve chosen the below time management activities for workers due to their application to the restaurant and retail industries. 

In support based businesses, it’s challenging to plan ahead, for the day because workers are constantly responding to the needs of customers.

time management training activities

This lack of control over their very own hours may send workers into a time direction spiral. They feel they don’t have any direction, which may send many workers in a stressful, unproductive overdrive.

Use time management activities for workers to better understand time management for both work and lifestyle. Probably, your workers have multiple responsibilities which can be adding to their stress and low morale.

When they are at work, you need them fully present. Provide time management activities for employees to execute within their very own lives, so that they may have a stronger awareness of their very own work life balance.

Overall time direction may leads to a stress free, effective, energized, happy, and committed staff. In addition, providing the next time management actions for workers in your company will show that you care for your workers wellbeing.

When a manager shows care for their workers, the workers are more inclined to be engaged and take care of the business in return.

Time Management Activities For Employees In Training

Whether you’re hiring new recruits or training seasoned employees, training is necessary to maintaining a high-quality staff.

Following are the time management activities for workers during a training period.

1. Perception of one minute

Cover all devices that show time. Gather everybody and tell them to take a seat silently with their eyes shut for a minute.

Instruct them to open their eyes when they think the minute is over. You will soon realize that everyone with open their eyes at different time. This is their perception of how long one minute can be.

That is a superb way to demonstrate the significance of time. Take this exercise to decide which of the tasks takes forever to complete and their relativity with efficiency.

2. Find the ace of spades.

Ask two volunteers with two decks of cards. Tell them that they’ll be rushing to find the Ace of Spades. Let them flip the deck above and see who finds the Ace first.

What they do not know is that you’ll have arranged the decks. One deck may have every one of the cards organized from Ace to King.

time management at workplace

The other deck will be blended up. When the volunteers and viewers see the difference, they will likely say that it was rigged, or unfair. This relates back to the correlation of organization and time management.

Both decks and people had the very same cards and resources, however the one with organization got there faster.

3. Productivity Rhythm

Ask every person to write out every hour of the day from when they wake up to when they go to sleep. 
Ask them to think about the day off from work for this particular exercise, so that they can comprehend their natural energy cycles out of work.

In hour, tell them to label how every hour feels to them when they are distracted, slowing down, tired or hungry. This helps employees better understand their natural rhythms.

They ought to be working during those times when they believe they’re most vibrant or on fire. They ought to be taking time for themselves when they’re distracted, slowed down or tired.

You can then ask the employees to compare their rhythms to show how every person has exceptional Performance frames and how that is related to the general working environment

4. Prioritizing Tasks

Give your employees a list of tasks that relate to the job environment and home life. For example, these could include, “stocking products on shelves,” “answering a customer’s query,” “greeting a customer,” “staying home to take care of a sick child,” “birthday dinner,” etc.

Ask them to prioritize each task on the basis of:

  • Fire: high exigency/high importance
  • Earth: high exigency /low importance
  • Water: high importance/low exigency
  • Wind: low exigency /low importance

Evaluate how every person answered the tasks. This demonstrates the various priorities people have at work and when it comes to their work life balance.

For instance, one person might think that answering a customer’s question is much more essential than stocking shelves, while another might think that cleaning the shelves is more essential than greeting a customer. 

It also can help to realize where they’re focusing their attention versus where they ought to be better prioritizing. That is a superb place to start future one-on one coaching conversations.

Activities for time management in the workplace

It is difficult to teach time management activities to employees while they are busy on the floor. However, there are three ways that you can implement these same practices “on the job” to emphasize the importance of managing time.

time management activities for employees

5. Scheduling software

Talk to your employees about introducing a time management software to balance the work life. These softwares will help in creating task schedules which will eventually lead to efficient work performance.

6. Time yourself

Before doing any task, note the time. Notice how long it takes to do a certain job. Through this, you will be able to categorize the tasks that takes longer.

7. What they did yesterday?

Before each change, have your employees write down 5 things they did yesterday either at work or at home. It does not matter how big or small.

Use this activity to help them realize and value their productivity. This may, in turn, make them more productive moving ahead. You can then ask them to list one wasteful thing that they did yesterday.

Wasteful, can mean that it was deflecting, ineffective, or irrelevant to their job performance. Realizing one particular task will assist in understanding those areas which are a hurdle in their time management.

This can make them less inclined to do it again or make a habit of it. Make them list only one unproductive and five productive things to ensure motivation stays high.

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