We work with your team to assess your needs and customize a workshop specifically for you.


  • Pitching: Finding an engaging and interesting way to talk about your business is not always easy. Sell your product, service, or team with confidence and finesse, while earning the trust of your audience.
  • Storytelling: Storytelling activates our brains in ways that simple text cannot. Learn to use this crucial tool in all interpersonal settings. 
  • Women in Leadership: Unfortunately, women are still underrepresented in most industries. Empower your employees to get ahead with tools to build confidence, interject effectively, and much more.
  • Team-Building & Positivity: Positive company culture is a key component of any successful team. Learn to collaborate with your co-workers, give and receive feedback constructively, and build an environment of respect, encouragement and openness. 
  • Or customize your own with us!

Example Outcomes

  • Increasing sales by pitching with effective storytelling and focused presentations.
  • Enhancing company culture by responding in a positive, constructive manner to questions or feedback.
  • Building a persona that allows you to fake it til you make it.
  • Speaking with confidence by following a roadmap while being spontaneous.
  • Standing out from the crowd by making unusual and creative presentation choices.
  • Growing closer with your colleagues through team-building activities.